I started this blog not to change people but to plant a seed. The seed that will inspire others to move forward In life and realise that, their is nothing a man can’t archive, it’s the poor selection of thoughts that limits humanity. It’s said that when a man believes in chaos, so it exists. When he believes a perfect world is too good to be true and so it is. When a man believes life is unfair, so it remains accordingly. If he is convinced nothing can change so it doesn’t. And when he believes his a victim of circumstance, so external circumstances will still control his life. Man must be conscious of the mind.

What we think of has power. Thoughts determines one’s mood according to the nature of the applied thought. In case you were not aware ,think of a good event that might have happened to you. And afterwards do the opposite and think of a past negative event, see how your mood or energy shifts. Know when we feel discomfort for example enraged, sad or even frightened nature will order in events that match these feelings in life but if you can control your thoughts. Not if actually, without a doubt you certainly can control your thoughts and manifest good events and people in your life. Were you concentrate the energy flows. It’s the universal law of attraction you attract the energy that you put out. So our lifes are a total sum of the positive and negative thoughts we have carried through our lifes till this present.

We have to realise that we have much more control then we think over our minds and bodies, that’s the way we were built, not hopeless but full of hope.


Like many other human beings what proms the question of change or success, motivated my quest to seek such knowledge.

So why is change so difficult, how do one go about it ?

Thoughts are essential here, they drive habits and habits crystallizes into circumstance good or bad they will produce accordingly. We ourselves… we are thoughts , why I say this is because every action that one takes started as a thought. For example when we eat, a thought of hunger came before the action. The same with speaking, people don’t speak what they don’t know but what’s on they minds isn’t it so?. The thought gives motivation to do action. Every action one takes reflects on his own thoughts, so lifes are just thoughts from different prospectives. Hence man is where he is as a result of his thinking.

Let a man alter his thoughts and he will be amazed how quick change will manifest in his life. There is a reason why a man is where he is , so he may learn and grow whether he remains or embraces change to evolve … the thought is his own . Man is the creator of his destiny.

Readers change starts from the mind, protect yourself from negative thoughts and practice positive thinking.